Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Finally He Talks About It, The Ungrateful Bastard.

You've heard people blogging about it. You've heard rumors and comments. You've even seen some pictures. But not a word from the Birthday Boy.

Well, that's because the Birthday Boy has been too busy to post up something decent. And to be honest, everyone's said everything there is to say. Except for a few important announcements.

I'd like to thank Hani for being such a wonderful help in organizing the iftar. Truth be told, she was the one who came up with the idea and did most of the talking, while I stressed out on work and stuff. She had work too, which meant that she was doubly amazing. I Love you, Sayang.

I'd also like to thank Ash for letting me hang around his house to play his copy of Fable, which was fun.

I also would like to thank Pick Yin for coming over Ash's place and her present, the ever-delectable B.P.R.D. I enjoyed the book, lass. Thank you for being cool and having excellent taste :D

I also would like to thank U-Jin, my old college mate for coming for the iftar. I know we were like too intellectually advanced for you, kiddo, but you handled yourself swimmingly.

Hell, while I'm at it I'll thank Nina and TJ for coming over. I especially want to thank Nina some more, since she actually handled herself marvellously during the iftar, even if she was surrounded by… perish the thought… bloggers. I'm so sorry, girl.

Anyway. Then there's Jordan and Leen, who were amazing and wonderful and funny and witty, and too far away to listen to all the time, damnit. Next time I call dibs on sitting near them. Thank you for the card, you two. It amuses.

I'd like to thank Jikon for coming over as well, and for being so damn pretty. Ha! Yes you were. Do not deny it, you photogenic bastard. I'm glad you had fun, though.

Najah and Fische, thank you. I'm guessing you two were the ones who masterminded the Kinokuniya book coupons, so I got to thank you for that. And thank you, Fische, for being such a good sport when we teased you.

Come to think of it, thanks, Ash, for not beating teh g4y outta me for what I did to you. Ho ho ho. ^o^

Thank you all, you readers who wished me well during, before and after my birthday. I used to fantasize about having a lot of friends for my birthday, and hey, it's come true. Thank you all for making a lonely, lonely child very, very happy.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Instead of going to class, I did this.

From this post:

I know. I have no sense of meter, rhyme or reason.

This lyrics are a parody of Avril Lavigne's “Skater Boy”. This particular derivative is made under the doctrine of fair use; the original copyright still goes to original copyright holders.

But it was still fun to do.

Sk8tr B3nG (with apologies to Avril Lavigne)

He an Ah Beng,
She an Ah Lian,
Aiseh macha ca-an you see it or not?

He mod his car,
Jual Vee Cee Day,
Wahlau man Aiseh.

He wanted her,
We said bloody hell,
Thing was that she wanted him as well.

But all of her friends,
All shook their head
“If you be damn-careless,
You'll end up dead.”

He was a Sk8t3r B3nG
She said see you l8r B3nG
He was too dangerous for her
She had a pretty dress
(But didn't have any breasts)
She needed to come back down to Earth…

Two years from now, she sits at home,
She fail her CLP, all alone.
She bukak Fortune, guess what she see,
Sk8t3r B3nG! (wah, he dress damn fansee!),
She call all her fren, they say ya lor,
Now he a damn big kau kau tai kor.
She reads the mag, looks at the pic,
Looks at the man she once called a dick…

He was a Sk8t3r B3nG,
She said see you l8r B3nG,
Didn't you say he no future,
Now look his portfolio,
Damn big also ya no?
Too bad you not stick with the fler…(2x)

Too bad Ah Lian, you miss out,
Kesian but he's all mine now,
Go to Nuovo, dance all nite,
We tiew a lot and never fight.

Too bad that chew couldn't see,
Saw Ah Beng where Tai Kor be,
He is more than meet the eye,
When we tiew I feel like, ‘die’.

He an Ah Beng, I'm a Datin,
Aiyah daling ca-an you see it or not,
He a Big Shot, I a Widow,
And we rock each other's umm, you know…!

I'm with a Sk8t3r B3nG,
I said see you l8tr B3nG,
Nanti we jumpa at Bangsar.
Then we go to his condo,
Tiew until tomolo,
And talk about this girl he know… (x2)

Creative Commons License

This entry is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Original rights to the lyrics are reserved to the original copyright holders.

Edit: Added CC information for this particular blog entry.

Monday, November 08, 2004

First, the Quizzes.

I'll post something proper later, but here are the quizzes I got from a couple of my friends in my newsreader.

This one I got from Hani and Jordan:

You Are a Snarky Blogger!

You've got a razor sharp wit that bloggers are secretly scared of. And that's why they read your posts as often as they can!

Fear my snarky wit, j0.

And this one's from Nina. I love this one.

What is your stand on.....

Created by spyndakitrose and taken 15568 times on bzoink!

Abortion?Pro-choice -- with full emotional and psychological support, because abortion can be a traumatic experience.
Death Penalty?Prone to error and irreversible. Not to be done lightly, and most of the time, not at all.
Prostitution?Legalize and heavily regulate. The dangers of prostitution lie not in the women itself, but the potential for diseases to go unchecked.
Alcohol?Legalize and regulate. Personal matter.
Marijuana?Legalize and regulate. Personal matter, but reduction of harm comes first.
Other drugs?Legalize and regulate HEAVILY. Personal matter on matters of consumption, but should take into account that it may affect work performance. Reduction of harm comes first.
Gay marriage?Legalize. Redefine marriage to two categories: religious and civil unions.
Illegal immigrants?Must be legalized. They have rights as immigrants afterwards. Deportation seems uneccessary.
Smoking?Legalize, even when I realize that smoking fucks people up pretty bad.
Drunk driving?Harsh penalties must be enforced. However, viable alternatives like a solid public transport system should be considered.
Cloning?Yes, but regulate. Again, personal matter, but prone to abuse and atrocity.
Racism?HEAVILY discouraged, but permissable. Speech is speech.
Premarital sex?I do it. I'd like it so that sexual support be there for couples who do it for the first time and get into trouble.
Religion?Strongly support. Religion is very important, as is freedom of religion and religious expression.
The war in Iraq?Doesn't do what it says on the tin, apparently isn't going down well with everyone.
Bush?Apparently you folks like him. You're welcome to him.
Downloading music?A better method of copyright should be allowed. Single-song purchases over Internet supported; if such avenues are lacking, piracy acceptable.
The legal drinking age?Eighteen.
Porn?Porn is expression. Suppresion of expression never went well with me.
Suicide?Again, should be allowed, but only after extensive counselling and support from community.

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Anyway. Will post something else later.