Monday, October 17, 2005

A Fairly Serious Announcement

Right. I’ve got something important to say.

Most of you know about me and Hani. For those who don’t, we’ve been dating for five years, which is a decent chunk of time to date before taking any kind of next step.

Well, guess what. We are taking the next step. Hani and I are getting married.

Both our parents know, and have already began planning for the event already. I’m not sorry to say this at all, but it’s going to be invite-only—there are too many people who may want to come, and frankly, it devolving into a circus is the last thing I want.

But the dates? Well, we’re both getting engaged by the end of this year, and we’re hoping to tie the knot by the middle of next year. We may post dates. I’m betting that Hani wants to post photos—frankly I shan’t stop her, though I must wonder why we must submit you lot to the indignity of me in a pelamin, but that’s the way things go.

And yes, some of you will get invites. No, I haven’t thought of who yet. I will.

That is all. For now.