Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Angry Religio-Cultural Rant #646,242.

This is an angry rant. If you don’t like it, leave. If you want to talk about it, leave. If you don’t like that, you know what to do.

I’m a Muslim.

Being a Muslim isn’t just the intellectual acceptance of what I believe—I leave that to other people, really. It’s not just me growing up a Muslim—but sure, that played a part. I’m a Muslim because that is my identity. Body, heart, mind and soul, that’s who I am, and I suspect a significant portion of Malaysian-Muslims are like this, but don’t care to admit it.

Too Much Time On The Net Is Bad For You.

And I go on the Internet. It strikes me how ironic these two ideas can be, especially when you consider this:

There isn’t a lot of criticism about Islam for Malaysians IRL. It simply isn’t allowed, mainly because of hypocritical bullshit about avoiding racial disunity. Yeah, it’s hypocritical, especially when you hear those fucking xenophobes you call UMNO Youth rant. Bullshit racial disunity. We’re pussies about criticism, fellow Malay-Muslims. Face facts.

The Great Muslim Shock.

Because I’ve been on the ‘net for seven years and I still can’t get over the Islamaphobic bigoted shit that keeps cropping up. Significant portions of it are dressed up as if they’re the voice of reason and civilization.

The worst part about all this shit is how it attacks Islam. I mean, it’s hard enough to deal with shit when your own belief system gets treated like a fucking pathogenic meme.

Pathogenic meme?

It’s not, fuckers! I don’t see people other than certified nutjobs say that Catholicism is responsible for the actions of the IRA or that fundamentalist Judaism is responsible for Palestinian oppression1.

I don’t need to drag out the reasons why Islam is not “inherently violent”. Most of the 1.1 billion people who profess to that religion, some of them living, like, next door to you, go through most of their goddamned lives without a single violent impulse in their head. Or, if they do, they deal with it the way you do. Some of these self-same people are religious. Traditionalist religious. You don’t have to be liberal to be peaceful.

What Do You Want, The Moon?

Are you saying that that’s not enough for you? Well, then, fuck you. Go fuck yourself, you pansy-waist armchair crusader-academic-or-general-manque. I’ve had enough of your pontificating. I’m sick of it. Pontificate by your fucking self. Assholes.

There is no room for discussion. Feel free to send an email whining about how I’m oppressing you by shutting comments down.

1 But then again that’s what Pusat Islam always says during Friday sermons. But shit, you want to listen to Pusat Islam for an unbiased view of global events?