Friday, November 25, 2005

What the hell hit me?

Okay, so I sent a comment to Jeff Ooi’s blog about this particular post :

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the reason why I didn’t talk about the technology behind the whole leak was because I didn’t give a damn on the authenticity of the video, or where it came from. I instead focused on the rather sorry state of the relationship between the police and the community they were supposed to be protecting.

The fact that technology uncovered this means nothing. The issue was that we were, and still are, so willing to believe it, because that’s how we view the police. Whether this was because of the actions and the integrity of the police or the administration or something that is inherent in Malaysians, I don’t know.

Oh, and Jeff… I am a reader of your blog, I admit that. People have called me your h0, and there’s a grain of truth in what they say. But you know something? Sometimes you can be a big jerk. This, matey, is one of those times.

Thumbs down.

Here’s his response:

JEFF OOI says: I don’t make a living out of blogging, much less am I here on a beuty parade or on a popularity race. So, must I give a damn as to what/how you feel so long as I keep my e-space serene and rational? If you urge to hand down decree, go jerk it elsewhere. Here, you play by my rules.

Huh. Intellectual masturbation reference, and then implied insult to my ‘lifestyle blogger’ position. Which I don’t even care about, since I’ve never really done the whole “blogging as a lifestyle” thing.

I honestly don’t know how to think about this. Okay, so… I come into his blog, knowing full well that I do play by his rules. Yeah, okay, so probably I walked into that.

For some reason I keep getting the feeling that the response I got from him was not proportional to the “attack” or decree I made. I made a decree? What, who voted and made me Member of Parliament?

I am, actually, kind of in shock. Mind you, Jeff’s always struck me as a bit of a robot. I’ve never had any meaningful interaction with him, other than the usual rare, curt and brusque reply. His posts tend to be impenetrable, or at the very least, not aimed at my target market. Maybe because I’m a popularity race or beauty train blogger. Yeah, that’s probably it.

I’m still thinking about whether this crossed the line between firm reminder and Going Too Far.

Hell, I’m still thinking whether what I said or did was wrong or not. I guess this is what happens when someone big bitch-slaps you around. You stagger around, in shock.

Anonymous Najah said...

You did nothing wrong. Jeff has a way of wanting people to see his posts his way, but what all of us sometimes don't see is our own weaknesses in communication. What we mean may not come out as clearly as we would like to.

Given the topic at hand was the alleged heinous acts of some PDRM officers, to me, it's reasonable to expect the readers to focus more on that message (the heinous acts) rather than the method in which it was delivered (MMS). If Jeff wanted to focus on the technology, he should have made it the focus of the post.

Even if he chose to prepare the message in such a manner as to focus on the role of technology is public governance, he has to accept that his readers, mere citizens like us, may care more about PDRM's integrity than whether Nokia will now be able to sell more 3G enabled phones to civic-minded citizens.

Feel better... =)

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


take it easy. We need to stay focus and tackle the problem. Dun get pulled into this kind of unnecessary argument and make yourself pissed. I think both you and Jeff are great guys... and i hope you two can focus and contribute into this issue...

6:33 PM  
Anonymous huajern said...

don't think too much about it. your comment seem innocuous to me. jeffooi is like that only. his site is a nice place to drop in once in awhile to see whats cooking, but true conversations rarely take place there. people are either insulting each other, or preaching to the choir. occasionally jeff will come out and slapdown some comment he doesn't like, so arbitrarily it's almost as if he doesn't want any real 'conversation'. sometimes he is as bad as what he preaches against. has the years of manning the barricades made him paranoid?

7:30 PM  
Blogger johnleemk said...

Jeff's blog is nice to drop by now and then, but unless it's election time, forget about serious commentary from the readers or anything worth hanging around for from Jeff. The people there are only a notch higher on the totem pole (in terms of sanity) than those folks at Malaysia Today.

8:19 PM  
Blogger kakashi-chan said...

-aka serabut-

Ok, like, funny story. Total digression. Or not. I'm sleepy, but I want to clog up your space. omg lookit the power of the keyboard yo.

Anyway. Right. Making sense. Where was I? Back to the funny story. Funny story: I met Hani at the book sales thing thing. And then I was wondering where you are, and she said you said you did a booboo. Well, she didn't say 'booboo', but keep up. :P

Anyhoo, I was like, "yeah?". Hani then said something like, "He pissed off Jeff Ooi."

So my brain was "where's my Hornblower Hornblower Jeff Ooi whatever yoohoo sailorboy...." Point is, I knew perfectly well which Jeff Ooi she was referring to, but I think I was caught up by other more important things like books on discount, that I had this look of utter blankness (for all I know I may have been imagining Snarry) that Hani then was compelled to add, "Jeff Ooi? Jeff Ooi, you know? The blogger?"

And I replied politely, "ah yes, that Jeff Ooi," while my brain was going "too many books, cannot maintain regular social interaction re: blogging."

So, to end that completely pointless anecdote, I just thought how hilarious, considering everything, how very little he is in the mental landscape of my brain now. :P

Honestly, keep this comment. One day you shall embarrass me with it.

1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff is simply implying why are u ppl not on the same wave length with the great Jeff Ooi? All of you should've given some thoughts on the use of technology to trace the culprit..... I agree with what Najah said ,"Given the topic at hand was the alleged heinous acts of some PDRM officers, to me, it's reasonable to expect the readers to focus more on that message (the heinous acts) rather than the method in which it was delivered (MMS)...." On the other hand, if you had written something about the use of technology to trace the person, he would have bombasted you with his ever justified sarcasm, "out of context. Please keep to the topic..." Every which way but lose !~...

Yes, agree with you 110%.... he's a jerk!!

2:03 AM  
Blogger T-Boy said...

O-kay. Thanks for the comments and support, and I should really remind folks that if you have a beef with Jeff, you don't really need to state it here. Not because We Netizens Should Stick Together, but because, really, there's no fucking point.

Yes, maybe I should write something about it, but honestly it just seems petty-minded and vicious. Also, it's very wanky.

Comments have been closed. We apologize for the inconvenience. You want to talk some more, the email addresses are available on this website. Use them if you really need to. No guarantee of answer, though. Sorry.

9:23 PM  

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