Friday, December 31, 2004

So what goes into the last post of the year?

I could always talk about…
  • 2004, going away. Boy, what a year. I finish what amounts to a year of college. Daniel Pearl. Jeff Ooi versus the News Straits Times. I get quoted in KeADILan's newsletter. Tsunami Twenty-Six Twelve. It's been a wild ride. A wild ride.
  • 2005, coming over. A new year. New resolutions. New beginnings for some, endings for others. The nature of change. Boy, I wonder how that will turn out.
  • The whole stupid blogs versus newspapers bullshit. EPIC — a future when one corporation, through its market-enforced Eternal Benevolence, will let you run free to do whatever stupid shit you want to do and listen to what stupid shit you want to hear… Yeah, sure.
  • Jeff Ooi versus the Big Boys. The Ugly Side of Newspaper Journalism. The Ugly Side of Blogging. Accusations from both sides, both true, about the Other Media's lack of credibility. Face facts, you two. You're both losers, and your children will use your tools with more finesse and more elegance than you could imagine. Think of better visions of the future, and stop looking up your colon.
  • Tsunami Twenty-Six Twelve. It is a tragedy, isn't it? Funny. I can't bring myself to feel anything more than that. I wonder what kind of person that makes me.
Or I could talk about nothing. You folks could always talk for me.