Friday, April 29, 2005


I really don't know what to say.

T-Boy (9:57:32 PM): WAH
T-Boy (9:57:34 PM): SO PENAT
T-Boy (9:57:36 PM): DAN SLEEPY
Najah (9:57:49 PM): yah.. me and meesh in bed already.
T-Boy (9:57:59 PM): O_O
T-Boy (9:58:06 PM): O_O;;
T-Boy (9:59:13 PM): does your fiance KNOW?
Najah (10:00:37 PM): he;s coming over to join us in a few minutes
T-Boy (10:00:51 PM): O__________________________________O'
T-Boy (10:01:02 PM): I'm SO blogging this.
Najah (10:01:17 PM): that's a really geeky comment.
T-Boy (10:01:30 PM): yeah, and I'm having second thoughts about blogging it.
Najah (10:01:42 PM): :D
T-Boy (10:01:45 PM): seriously, where's meesh?
Najah (10:01:57 PM): rightnext to me. on the bed.
T-Boy (10:02:30 PM): ask her if she minds if I spread horrible rumours about you and her and Fische.
T-Boy (10:02:35 PM): on a blog.
T-Boy (10:02:40 PM): come to think of it, are you okay with it?
Najah (10:02:43 PM): sure
T-Boy (10:07:10 PM): hey, can I link to both yours and meesh's blog on this particular post, or shall I leave it to the imagination of the readers?
Najah (10:08:16 PM): up to you. :D
Meesh (10:08:52 PM): oh btw my new url is
Najah (10:09:28 PM): we're logging off. we've got better things to do w each other... ;)

What the hell am I missing?!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Conversations With My Father.


“Yes, son?”

“D'you know Krishen Jit?”

“Yeah. Why? He died?”


“Oh.… Well, he's been having heart trouble.”

Silence, a nod.

He turned back to his bills. I went back to my room.