Wednesday, November 03, 2004

…and Lo, the Storm Passeth Over.

I've been ill for the past three days or so.

It started off as a minor cold, with sneezing and the like. It felt like hay-fever, but there were no watery eyes and it wasn't so bad. I had a sore throat, though. That worried me.

It got really bad last night. I think I lost some of the contents of my sahur, because my system started rebelling at the racking coughs I ended up getting, and it all ended when I threw up twice that night.

The worst seems to be over, though — I'm pretty sure. Today everything feels like it's covered in a golden light, and I feel like a kid again, alone, fresh and fragile, but still there. It helps that it's a nice day.

I guess a day off wouldn't be so bad, after all.