Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Stress is bad. Structure is good. So what now?

I haven't been on the Internet for a while now.

Oh, I've been online. I've been literally connected to the Internet, and I've been working, and that requires Internet access.

But I haven't been on for a while. Not really. Not long enough to remember to catch up on stuff. Not to read my emails. Not to blog. Just been on. That's all.

It's been a stressful two months, is all.

I figure no one really misses me that much, so it shouldn't be a big deal. It's not as if I'm, oh, I don't know, Jordan or Pick Yin or Ash or Jeff Ooi or Dina. Normal lah. Blogger kecik. We pop in and out all the time.

Though I'm beginning to think that maybe it's time I should work on something new, especially since this page has been standing still for a while. I've been blogging, but not really thinking of where I wanna go. So maybe I should.

Structure is good.