Monday, October 11, 2004

The Jeff Ooi–TV Smith Interview.

See, I'm blogging about something in TV Smith's blog. This is allowed. Shut up.

“Firstly, I'm fed up with the local mainstream media. Secondly, blogs can be serious, and fun. But tomorrow, I may blog about locomotives and old train stations again - some of my favourite things. Days ago, I blogged about music from Scorpions and my Humbucker electric guitar - the stuff I grew up with. Then, there's this crave for mee rebus…”

What did I think about it? Well, Jeff sounded a lot more human than his Screenshots persona. And you kinda sympathize with the guy after listening to him for a while. He is, after all, by himself. And it has been a strain on him, any way you cut it.

“When I interviewed Husam Musa, he told me first thing: ‘You need to be brave in order to be a PAS member.’ It's much worse when you are all alone.”

Take care of yourself, old man.