Saturday, October 02, 2004

TARIQ SMASH: No More Blog-Talk.

I'm pissed off. I don't want to talk about blogs any more. I just don't. It's stupid pedantic arguing. “Oh, bloggers should be responsible for their opinions, they'll get hurt, blah de fucking blah”. That's consequence. You be careful when you don't want to get hurt, not because you're a fucking professional. You're professional when you get paid anyway, and blogging pays shit. Stupid people.

Blogging, like McCloud said, is a medium. A container for messages, you know, like a jug is a container for Merlot or some shit medium-class wankers or conneiseurs drink. I dunno. Some times the drink sucks, so do you blame the jar for it? Of course fucking not. And besides, like jugs, you can fill blogs with whatever messages you want. Look at the Datin Diaries for fuck's sake. She's already admitted that part of her blog is fictional anyway. Sheesh.

And you bloggers want to be taken seriously. So work at it lah. It's not as if Jeff Ooi isn't doing anything right — at least people listen to him and trust him. That's worth something, even if you bitch like an old lady about how he's not accountable to anyone. Of course he's not accountable to anyone, he doesn't get paid for advertising, no one will fire him from his damn job, he's doing it because he loves it. Not for Truth of Journalistic Integrity. Because he likes it, and he can't stand people not knowing what a fucked up country we live in.

So you get hurt when some troll comes in and calls you and your mother names. So fucking what? It's the fucking Internet, baby. Scum come in all the time. Hani's a wonderful woman, she writes good, and who did she fucking get? Some self-righteous prick who dissed her because she's not the typical Melayu girl: ie scared shitless about saying anything, and cowed down into not thinking.

Fuckers. Blogging is a medium. Bloggers have no duties and responsibilities save within their own domains. That's it. People want to listen to them, that's fine. The thing is, there are hundreds and thousands of other bloggers out there. Some are nice people, like Hani, Najah, Pick Yin and the like. Some aren't, like that fucker MENJ and his Mullah-talk. So what? That's the Internet. It's not as if people are getting paid for this kind of shit.