Monday, October 11, 2004

OMG lookit! Lookit!

I'm'a loony blogger, momma! A loony blogger!

Wow. First it was MENJ, now this… someone really loves me up there.

I feel like squealing like a fangirl and getting choked up at the same time. I mean, look, this is what they say what people who make it into the list are:

The R.A.J.A.N. (R) Network is the Restricted [ as signified by the (R) ] edition of the original R.A.J.A.N. Network. It is a blogtal-cum-portal highlighting Malaysian (including those who think they are Israelis) blogs which can only belong to the radical fringe. Or in other words, these people have explicitly declared or projected themselves as radicals, are against the concept of universal justice and equality, and are totally naive when it comes to commenting on worldly issues.

Getting yourself awarded a listing status in the Network, which carries the title “Rajan” (eg : Rajan Tun Datuk Seri Tan Sri Datin Ariel Sharon), is a rare honour, equivalent to a Toonship from the Malaysian Federal Government.

Wow. Rajan Tariq Kamal. That sounds so cool. Thanks, nominators! Vote more for me, and get that fucker Rajan off the number one spot! Come, do it. Do it, bitch!

Does that mean that now there'll be all sorts of gold-digging women who are willing to fuck me for a moment of fame in their otherwise insignificant lives? I mean, that's what titled people get, right?

Updated: The administrator's moved his setup to MENJ's server. Very classy digs. Funny, though — he's disallowed comments. At least on my side. Perhaps… no, course not. Why would he ban me?

Updated: Guess not. Seems that incompetence was the problem, not malice. The pop-up comment windows don't work — me believes that there's a bit of slapdash coding there. My apologies to the administrators, who are doing a fine job in making sure I get the recognition I deserve.

Blogger Jeffrey said...

Hi Rajan Tarik Camel,

Thank you for your active participation and joyful response.

The Network does not delete any comment, let alone ban anyone. We firmly believe in freedom of speech. The organiser has moved all your comments, together with Izuan's, from the old site to our new home. Do you really encounter problems with comments ?

On the other hand, I think it's quite obvious to you that why were you selected for the debut batch, right ? I don't think you are extreme Zionist supporter like Rajan Rajan Rishyakaran. Personally I have nothing against you.


11:23 PM  
Blogger T-Boy said...

That's good to know! I'm so glad you clarified things.

Ah, but it turns out that's it wasn't banning that prevented me from posting entries, it was sloppy coding. You better take a look at that.

11:37 PM  

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