Friday, September 02, 2005

Because It Needs To Be Done.

When it comes to the battle between traditional mass media and bloggers, I don’t usually take either side. I still don’t; both are sleazy and stupid in their own ways, and I don’t feel like I need to comment about their foibles any more.

But I need to link you to this.

Why? Three reasons:

  1. It’s on LiveJournal, a service typically associated with angsty diarists and fen who write all sorts of crap. I happen to like LJ, so having this happen on it is something that pleases me. The service doesn’t matter, only the content.
  2. It’s an important news item. It needs to be seen, it needs to be told.
  3. It’s being written by the people who are there. You'll never get better coverage than this; and from people who have a stake at it, not some armchair wanker like me or slick media pirate.

Go. Now.