Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Now Even The Man Can Blog

This was inspired from this from this post at Jeff's:

Hey, Jeff, I think what Mahathir needs is a blog!. You think you can help him create one that he can administer and run and of course write all his comments and of course we shall have a link to it from your blog. And then we can all talk directly to Mahathir. Might perk him up a bit and I think it will be really good for his health too.

Excuse me while I giggle madly. The Mahathir Blog!

While our local politicians blogging is about as likely as me winning the next General Elections single-handedly and blindfolded, here are some considerations to future politician-bloggers:

  1. Make an effort to post on a regular basis. Either learn the tools yourself, or dictate it to someone, but whatever you do, you must do it yourself.
  2. Spend some time track-backing. It would be considered ‘interacting with the Malaysian blogosphere’. You may not have time, in your busy schedule, but it's not something an enthusiastic research aide will do. Be sure to vet each link before you go — the last thing you need is a link to Something Objectionable.
  3. Get your own provider. While Blogger is good for plebians like us, famous people like you will require a medium that can provide an effective spam-fighting platform and yet be accessible enough to be interacted with. We recommend Wordpress, ourselves.
  4. Want to post something private and personal? I recommend LiveJournal. Not only will your entries be relatively safe, but there is a rich community that you might enjoy. Invite other fellow politicians and statesmen, and form a community! Squee at the latest Larry King episode, or whatever it is you old fogeys do to pass the time.
  5. Oh, and when you do get your own hosting solution or whatever, make sure to either register it yourself, or get someone with a clear and visible link to you to do so. Leave clear communications details, so that people can communicate with you if they whois you. Make sure that you're able to prove that you are who you are.

That's about it. Good luck with your foray into the horrid morass that is blogdom!

Blogger thquah said...

It would be fantastic if Mahathir decide to have a Blog,with lots of advertising space snap

9:46 AM  

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