Saturday, July 16, 2005

Completely Missing The Point

I'm not going to deny that 100,000 people died in Iraq. Let's not fudge the issue, okay? Iraq's a fucking mess, and it shouldn't have happened at all.

We Know, Already.

I'm not going to even quibble about the scale of death that's happened in what we all facetiously call the ‘civilized world’, compared to the death we see in, oh, I don't know, Iraq, Israel, the ten thousand military hot spots around the world where life is very expensive but hot fiery death is free and more often than not comes jumbo–sized for the whole family. Because it's true.

It's true that more people die in these places, and that the climate has been so soaked in death and misery that the only sane response to people who live there is to throw their lives into the furnace, and feed the flames. Yes, it's fucking insane and it's fucking tragic.

The “Yes, Massa” Reflex.

And yes, let us not forget how sucky it can be to be on the losing side of history. Let us rekindle our grudges against our Great Western Former Masters and repeat the same old story about how we always invariably get the shaft. Look, our anuses are sore already, but feel free to fuck us with your Great White Dick, O Gweilo, it's not as if we can stop you anyway.

Whenever someone brings up those numbers, and starts whining about how it's all the West's fault, I roll my eyes. Any more rolling and I'll look like an epileptic, but that's what I do nowadays. Because that's what it is, whining.

Stupidity, 70% Off

Stopping terrorism isn't easy. It's never easy, because it means not doing the stupid and cheap thing and packing as much explosives as you can conceal, getting into public transportation, and blowing the shit out of your fellow citizens. Or sitting down on your ass and calling the Other Dude “barbarians”.

It means not looking at your enemy like he is Satan, Dajjal, Safari-Hat Dude with Pipe and Goliath and deciding, “Hey, he doesn't want to listen to us. He'll never listen to us, because he's That Way”, thus exalting his power and debasing his humanity. Because exalting someone's power and debasing his humanity is the cheap way of doing things, and stupid, because the only thing that'll come out of it is more dead people, and possibly a dead you.

No Thinking, Act Only?

So yeah. Talk about Western Imperialism. Never realize that you know, for once in our long and sordid history as a people, a race, a religion, these people are offering a hand in friendship and trying to listen. They're polite enough to not convert you first up; they can try that later, and if we're strong and secure enough in our faith and culture we can say no.

Sit on your ass and whine. Or plot to kill more people to fuck them up so that they can fuck us up and continue the cycle. Don't think, or listen. Don't stop, and don't listen to these people, these barbarians. Ironically, in calling them barbarians, we repeat the same mistake they did, long ago — the mistake of not listening, of thinking we know how they will think and act, the way their great-great grandfathers were certain of what we were and what we were capable of and what was good for us.

They're paying for it now, in terrorism and death. I wonder what the bill for our foolishness and arrogance will look like.

Blogger huajern said...

Sometimes you just make so much sense.

6:40 PM  
Blogger T-Boy said...

And other times I apparently don't :)

6:40 PM  
Blogger Anon2 said...

Unfortunately, terrorism more often than not, and even in this case, has a political objective. Israeli land grabs at various times in the past succeeded through the use of terror.

6:51 PM  
Blogger T-Boy said...

Yes. Good. Congratulations.

11:52 PM  

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