Saturday, June 18, 2005

Two Women.

Women! O Man, Have I Got A Story To Tell You.

Well, actually, not really. This entry got me thinking, actually, about the women I'm surrounded with.

Most people who know me know that I spend an inordinate amount of time with this particular blogger. I mean, come on, it's quickly evident if you meet up with us or something. And it's typically an ‘us’ — it got to the point that this sarky bugger calls us “T-Unit”.

I'll have you know that it's TH-Unit, excuse me.

Anyway. Pick Yin wonders if she could be classified as a ‘difficult woman’. I don't think so. If you have a problem with intelligent, independent women, you'd have a problem, yes, and frankly your problems won't stop there. But is being frank, intelligent, independent a problem?

Hani's been described, even by herself, as someone difficult. If anything, actually, Hani's not. She's probably a lot less difficult than Pick Yin is, because if there's anyone who is uncomplicated about life, it's Hani.

Mind you, I'm not accusing her of being simple, or stupid. She's not. I'm saying that she's complex, sure — you'd probably not scratch her surface the first time you meet her. Yes, even though you feel like you have, because Hani broadcasts her attitude towards life and her opinions loud and clear — no pussyfooting around her.

That's the uncomplicated part of Hani — you could probably condense her philosophy to life into a handful of fairly straightforward directives, and you'd realize that she'd follow then almost all the time. Yes, Hani's American.

Anyway. Pick Yin? She's a lot more reserved than Hani is. Of course that means you've got to get past that layer of reservedness that she uses. It's a very Asian thing, very Malaysian — I'm not embarassed to admit that I couldn't remember her the first time we met.

But I got to know her, and she's been one of my better friends in the blogging community. She and Hani have one thing in common — both are frank, both are honest, both are relatively uncomplicated. Both do not manipulate overtly. In my dealings with the both of them, I have never felt like a fool. Not once.

You have no idea how rare and precious that is to me. Most women here, I've noticed, labor under the delusion that they must be… something else. They're not satisfactory enough; they must become more demure, more kind, more loving, more beautiful, more fair, more sexy, more polite, more moral… whatever. But suffice to say that they themselves are not enough. Yes, even those who are ‘liberated’.

I've never had a problem with either Pick Yin or Hani. If both were equal, I'd marry either one, or both (haa! Cries of horror from the audience! SCANDAL!). Hani's got the advantage of knowing me better than Pick Yin does, and we both trust each other implicitly. There's a reason why we're called ‘T-Unit’ by waggish fellow-bloggers, but that's another post altogether.

But it's a close call, relatively. Besides, I don't think Pick Yin looking for matrimony anyway… ;)

Blogger HANI said...

Ahhh, I see now why you Love me.

It is because I let you get away with comparing me to other women....

12:22 AM  
Blogger T-Boy said...

Among other things :D

12:23 AM  

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