Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ahh, Love.

Hani: I just realized that you don't link to me!!!!
Hani: where is my link!!!!
me: ...
me: er?
Hani: on your blog
me: ...
me: I don't blogroll
me: I never have.
me: yes, I don't have your link. Neither do I have anyone else.
Hani: pout
Hani: you should at least put ME
Hani: pout
Hani: pout pout pout pout
me: ?
Hani: you link RAJAN
Hani: LINK ME!!!!
me: ...
me: you want be placed in the same category as MENJ.
me: that isn't Rajan.
me: that's MENJ. or his crony
Hani: I want a link
Hani: LINK!!!
me: ...
Hani: I don't care under what category
me: okay, fine. I will.
Hani: LINK!!
Hani: yay!!!

There you go, Sayang. Love you!

Addendum: And here's how she responded:

me: tengok the tagline
Hani: oh :D
Hani: yayy!!!!
me: refresh it once, because I had to refine it, and then hold your pointer over the link
Hani: but you put rajan as a nascar on navbar
Hani: why not me?
Hani: *laughs*
me: you're a horrible person, you know?

Further Addendum: Yes, there's a new Nascar on the navbar. Making it was fun.

Blogger HANI said...

Tariq is hero! Wonderful, wonderful, agreeable hero!

6:08 PM  

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